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Heritage Walk of Amritsar

Tour Program: Amritsar Heritage Walk

  • Here is a list of these 14 specific points:
  1. Town Hall:-built by the British in 1866, the historic Town Hall is the centre of the Amritsar's local administration
  2. Gurdwara Saragarahi - this is dedicated to the twenty one soldiers of the 36 Sikh Battalion who lost their lives bravely defending their posts on Spetember 12, 1897
  3. Qila Ahluwalia: the fort once belonged to Ahluwalia Misl whose famous leader Jassa Singh Ahluwalia played crucial role in repelling foreign invasions during the 18th Century
  4. Jalebiwala Chowk: located in the heart of Amritsar's commercial sector, it is a gastronome's delight
  5. Udasin Ashram Akhara Sangalwala: founded in 1771, it was originally known as Nirban Akhara after its founder.
  6. Chitta Akhara: it is also known as Ganga raam Akhara after its founder Mahant Ganga Raam and it was established in 1781
  7. Darshani Deori: this marks the spot from where Sri Guru Arjun and Sri Guru Hargobind would stand to view the Golden Temple
  8. Baba Bohar: in the middle of the road neat the end of the Bartan Bazaar, they is a large banyan tree which is considered scared
  9. Thakurdwara Dariana Mal: entering the courtyard of the Thakurdwara is like stepping back in time, shedding light on the beautiful colonial style architecture that has influenced much of downtown Amritsar
  10. Chowrasti Atari: Sri Guru Hargobind Sahib, the sixth of the ten Gurus, built theChowrasti Atari complesin the 1600s, with four passages and thirty-two shops
  11. Taksal (mint): located in Katra Hari Singh, this is Amritsar;s first mint, where Sikh regime coins were once minted
  12. Thakurdwara Raja Tej Singh: it was built in Katra Jamadar in 1851 by Raja Tej Singh
  13. Crawling Street: this marks Jallianwala Bagh shootout which killed hundreds of Sikhs on orders of General Dyer
  14. Ancient Passage: this ancient passage is a typical archway between various mohallas and katras of old Amritsar, established by Sikh Misls


Heritage Walk starts from Town Hall at 8:00 a.m. and ends at Entrance to - The Golden Temple 10:00 a.m. Every day.

Summer timings:

March to November) - 0800hrs

Winter timings:

December to February) - 0900hrs


1800hrs to 2000hrs (summer)

1600hrs to 1800hrs (winter)